Bei der ICSA 2017 in Göteborg halten Jens Knodel und Matthias Naab am 03. April ein Tutorial zur Bewertung von Softwarearchitekturen.

How to Evaluate Software Architectures:

Tutorial on Practical Insights on Architecture Evaluation Projects with Industrial Customers

Hier die offizielle Ankündigung und Beschreibung:

„Thorough and continuous architecting is the key to overall success in software engineering, and architecture evaluation is a crucial part of it. This tutorial presents a pragmatic architecture evaluation approach and insights gained from its application in more than 75 projects with industrial customers in the past decade. It presents context factors, empirical data, and example cases, as well as lessons learned on mitigating the risk of change through architecture evaluation.

By providing comprehensive answers to many typical questions and discussing lessons learned, the tutorial allows the audience to not only learn how to conduct architecture evaluations and interpret its results, but also to become aware of risks such as false conclusions, manipulating data, and unsound lines of argument.

The target audience includes both practitioners and researchers. It encourages practitioners to conduct architecture evaluations. At the same time, it offers researchers insights into industrial architecture evaluations, which can inspire future research directions.“

Das Tutorial basiert auf unserem Buch „Pragmatic Evaluation of Software Architectures“.

Wir freuen uns auf viele Teilnehmer und interessante Diskussionen.